Lion Bharat Kshatriya Community Oncololgy Centre
Hariganga Dwarkadas Thakor Cancer Detection Centre and Hospice Complex
Ganga Swaroop Ramdevi Chetram Samariya(Govardhan Prints) Cancer Education Centre


The Community Oncology Centre is created with the help of generous donation from Late Shri Rajendrabhai Dwarkadas Thakore and Lion Bharat Kshatriya. It is a unique centre of its kind for last 20 years. Its initially area of work was fildena. For last 12 years its activities have increased in preventive and diagnostic work. Functioning of this centre is different from other hospitals. Its main emphasis is based on community related work: academic, research, preventive etc.

We can divide the activities of this centre as under:
• Care of terminally ill patients as a part of hospice
• Cancer awareness permanent exhibition for school and college children in particular and public at large
• Lecture avenue and lecture hall for the cancer awareness functions
• Health check up scheme for early detection of
• Breast cancer help-line for all the queries arising from State of Gujarat as regards early detection and treatment of breast cancer
• Social and cultural activities of the Institute and Society
• Madan Mohan Ramanlal Urban Health Centre
• Cancer Control Activities

Education and Awareness

Names of schools,Colleges,Institute,NGOs and Other organization who visited COC during the year 2013-2014

Details of Schools

  • 1. F.D. School
  • 2. A One School
  • 3. Digvijay School
  • 4. Divanballubhai School
  • 5. Diwine Life School
  • 6. I.P. Mission School
  • 7. Jay Somnath High School
  • 8. Sri Ganesh High School
  • 9. Ruth Memorial  School
  • 10. Anand Niketan School
  • 11. Geeta High School
  • 12. Nutan Adarsh High School
  • 13. Shri V.K. Patel High  School,Aslali
  • 14. U.M. Bhagat School
  • 15. S.H. High of Comm,Dholka

  • 1. H.L. College
  • 2. Gujarat Arts & Commerce College
  • 3. S.L. Arts College
  • 4. Bhavans College
  • 5. Ahmedabad Arts & Commerce College
  • 6. C.U. Shah Arts & Commerce College
  • 7. R.J. Shah Science College
  • 8. G.L.S. (Smt.M.R. Parikh)Institute of Commerce

Details of Medical & Para-Medical Institute

  • 1. AMC Met Medical College
  • 2. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College
  • 3. Ahmedabad Homeopathic Medical College
  • 4. Manav Nursing School – Visnagar
  • 5. Shahjanand College of Nursing
  • 6. Joitaba College of Nursing
  • 7. R.R. Patel Nursing College
  • 8. M.M. Singhi Nursing College
  • 9. Govt. School of Nursing , Surendranagar
  • 10. Govt. School of Nursing, Siddhpur
  • 11. S.S. Agrawal Nursing School
  • 12. Gen. Nursing, Himatnagar
  • 13. Shrey Institute of Nursing
  • 14. Management Academy For Health Care
  • 15. Mother Teresa Nursing College
  • 16. Soham School of Nursing
  • 17. Vraj Institute of Nursing
  • 18. G.N.M. Nursing College, Junagadh
  • 19. Gen. Hospital of Nursing, Palanpur
  • 20. Grow More Institute of Nursing
  • 21. J.G. School of Nursing 
  • 22. Chanchalben Mafatlal College of Nursing
  • 23. Globe Hospital School of Nursing
  • 24. Nursing College, Pansar
  • 25. Nursing College Civil
  • 26. C.M. Patel Nursing College
  • 27. Medilink Institute of Nursing Science
  • 28. R.G. Patel Nursing Civil
  • 29. Nutan College of Nursing
  • 30. Dinsha Patel College of Nursing
  • 31. Govt. College of Nursing,Dharpur,Patan
  • 32. Victoria Zubilee Nursing College

Details of N.G.Os

  • 1. Sewa
  • 2. Sanchetana-Khambhat Lioness Group
  • 3. Ladol Group
  • 4. Kadava Patidar Samaj
  • 5. Ranchhodray Laughing Club
  • 6. St. Xaviers Social Service Society
  • 7. Agakhan Youth & Sports Board for India
  • 8. Vrutika Sewa Sangh
  • 9. C.R.P.F. Group Gandhinagar
  • 10. Bharat Vikas Parisad
  • 11. Alert Group Bhrahmi Sundari Sahili Circle
  • Total Education and Awareness Exhibition 8416<

Cancer related Health Check up

Several warning signals of cancer are known. They often herald presence of disease in an advanced stage. Cancer is curable or prolonged survival is possible only if the disease is detected in its early stage. Moreover, certain common cancer problems of our country are preventable or curable, e.g. oral cavity cancer, breast cancer and cancer of cervix. We are running cancer related health check up programme at this centre for last 12 years for early detection of cancer like oral cavity cancer, breast cancer, and cancer of cervix.

Daily average 30 people take advantage of this activity, especially the middle class of the society. We do it at a concessional price of Rs. 500 only. Regular Health Check-ups are carried out for early detection of cancer at this centre. Different diagnostic facilities for Cancer Screening are also available i.e. mammography, X-rays, sonography, pap smear, FNAC, biopsy etc.

Health Check Up: Doctors Panel

Details of Gynecologists

  • Dr. Bina Patel
  • Dr. Vaishali Desai

Details of Physians

  • Dr. Mustufa Rangwala
  • Dr. Darshan Parikh
  • Dr. Sanjeev Anand
  • Dr. Venil Shah

Details of Surgeons

  • Dr. Jayesh Patel
  • Dr. Darshit Dalal
  • Dr. Umank Tripathi
  • Dr. Shailesh Patel
  • Dr. Deepak Rathod
  • Dr. Hemant Shukla
  • Dr. Ashok Patel
  • Dr. Mahesh Patel
  • Fellow Surgeon:GCRI

Details of Pathologists

  • Dr. Rashida Rangwala
  • Dr. Shital Shah
  • Dr. Jayshri Joshi

Details of Radiologist

  • Dr. Tejal Shah
  • Resident Dr

Details of number of persons examined, various tests and imaging studies performed and detection of cancer cases in a year from April 2013 to March 2014 :

Total Health Check-up
Mammograpgy 4928
X-ray 7326
Pap Smear 5306
VIA Test 2775
8 Malignancy
FNAC of Breast Tumor 165 Malignancy
Malignancy Detected 78


At the COC, terminally ill patients with cancer are given shelter, warmth and palliative care as a part of hospice service. The patients are referred to us by cancer clinicians. Emergency services like Ryle’s Tube insertion, catheterization, pain relief, IV injection treatment etc. are being provided. A beautiful environment is provided and all efforts are made to ease their suffering and make their life


As a part of Community Service and to serve larger section of people, Gujarat Cancer Society along with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Akhand Jyot Foundation has developed Madanmohan Ramanlal Urban Health Centre. The activity of Urban Health

Hospice Admission 114

comfortable in the small huts with all facilities. Their entertainment is specially looked after. We developed 1st hospice centre of its kind in India at COC in 1990 with capacity of 10 beds. Last year 114 patients were admitted and 33 patients died. Average stay of the patients at Hospice Centre is 10- 12 days and average income from hospice facility is around Rs. 2500/- month.


Centre include (1) Family Planning Services, (2) Vaccination Centre, (3) DOT Centre, (4) Anti- natal Care Centre, and (5) Leprosy Centre. Through various activities mentioned above as well as participation in the HPV vaccine trial of WHO, the Centre is active in Cancer Control Programme..

Patient Expired 114