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Gujarat Cancer Society

Civil Hospital Compound,
Fax: 22685490
h1>7 Methods of Staying Healthy To Time Your Internship This Summer.

Some of us will be part of a somewhat distressing, predictable world of fluorescent lamps and unsuitable office chairs that I like to call the working world full-time. Some of you, lucky people, were only prisoners for the summer, you little interns ...

In any case, this place is pretty dangerous for everyone who hopes it's still gonna look like a college girl. Unfortunately, many people in the corporate world are tired, overweight, and frankly, haggard. I hear them talking about their children, husbands and car trouble, and it really makes me want to take another 60k in student loans to run ...

Unfortunately, however, this is not possible. I'm not trying to scare anyone out here-some work might be fun! I'm here to be sure that you're healthy until you put your professional world into this carb. I don't understand it, but people do the most unhealthy things after they start working with a typical 9-5er. But not us, baby. We're not ...

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Whether you're in it for a long time or you run away in August, there's seven ways to stay healthy in your prison, I'm sorry about the office this summer.

You still want to throw stones at me for this, but it's worth it. I PROMISE YOU. I know that you're an ear when you get out of bed in a university oath and make you a cup of coffee to run for your comparative seminar on politics. In the real world, your day won't last three hours, and you definitely can't go home and scroll through the Pérez Hilton and Pace five hours after that. At the end of the day, you're gonna be so tired, you don't want to go on the run for 45 minutes, and there's a little chance you're gonna eat a whole bag of Doritos ...

If you wake up in the morning, you wake yourself up, you give yourself the energy, none of the other interns, and you will have a lot of confidence in yourself, because you won't know anyone around that you got up at 5:30 and was a bazaar before they even checked your e-mails ...